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Aishvan is an upcoming twenty one year old R&B/Pop performer, songwriter & vocalist from Mississauga, Ontario. Aishvan started singing at around three years old, and has been performing in talent shows, local competitions and recitals. At sixteen, he released his first single "Completely Incomplete", and debuted two independant projects, including his most recent effort NONE OF THIS WAS EASY. As of 2022, he has amassed thousands of streams and is currently working on more music and performing live. He released singles and featured on songs with frequent collaborators OAJEEH, Kyn Rose, Jat and more. Beyond musical efforts, Aishvan has expressed his interest in mental health advocacy, shining light onto various donations and petitions. In 2022, he dedicated his second album to the overall theme of mental health. He has spoken in multiple interviews of his trials and tribulations with his own mental health (including anxiety and depression) and has stated he will never stop fighting for its importance and treatment. He has also expressed a future interest in acting, claiming it as a a bucket list item to star in a tv show or movie. Aishvan is currently a student at the University Of Toronto, finishing a degree in sciences. Stating his education is important, he tries to weave his educational learnings into his music, when discussing mental health specifically. He vows to continue to evolve his sound, style and roles in his career.

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none of this was easy (2022)

ruin a good thing (2022)


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